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Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development Company

Whether you are planning to create suitable solutions for immediate microtransactions, form smart contracts for self execution or secure peer-to-peer payments, we try to put our in-depth knowledge and skills of blockchain technology into proper action. We are a reputed blockchain development company that helps startups and enterprises to get benefit from the decentralized network built on blockchain.

What we create through Blockchain

Smart Contracts for writing and testing

We take necessary actions in real time and redefine customer relationships with Bank Analytics Web application.

Decentralized Apps or Dapps

Dapps includes several interrelated smart contracts together with frontend and logic for your business. The apps help customers to make quicker payment processing and offer reliable as well as secure data records. Our team of experts has build up an entire Dapp architecture comprising of communication with oracles, and making comprehensive UI/UX design.

Technical Development for ICO

If you are having an idea for your business and require the platform for project monetization, then you can contact our team who can deliver Initial Coin Offerings or ICO. We provide an accurate technical realization of the ICO ecosystem for developing ERC20-compliant token, building your oracles and wallet, evaluating the technical and QA parts of the Whitepaper.

Blockchain Ecosystems

Blockchain ecosystems cover a complete range of cryptocurrency trading apps that enable for immutable and transperant transactions. At Pay One Cloud, we craft blockchain ecosystem element from the scratch including analytics, multi platform exchanges, blockchain explorers, crypto wallets, oracle applications, analytics tools and portfolio monitor solutions.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

cryptocurrency development services USA

Cryptocurrency Development

Whether you are in need of an ERC20-token on the Ethereum network or looking to enable cryptocurrency payment integration for a suitable solution, a customised cryptocurrency from the scratch or an element like Virtual Machine, Mining Client, P2P Network or Consensus Algorithm, we can actually contribute to any cryptocurrency development initiative.

Blockchain Development on Hyperledger

Our blockchain development team possesses necessary skills to leverage Hyperledger technology by building secure corporate blockchain for business and keeping multi-party engagements unchallengeable.

Blockchain Development on Hyperledger
Build customized blockchain solution

Custom Blockchain Solutions

If you require specific functionality for your needs, then we will try to consider all aspects of the industry, perform thorough analysis of business, and build customised blockchain solution.

Our Blockchain Work Experience​

Automatic/Manual ICO Dashboard
We render blockchain development services for crypto start-ups who want to raise funds for their projects by means of ICO token sales.
Decentralized Exchange or DEX
You can begin your own decentralized exchange such as Pancakeswap or Uniswap easily through BlockchainX’s pre-developed readymade DEX software.
Decentralized Exchange or DEX
You can begin your own decentralized exchange such as Pancakeswap or Uniswap easily through BlockchainX’s pre-developed readymade DEX software.
Token Migration platform
With the help of Token Migration platform, the token holders can upgrade to newer version of your token easily by giving away old token. Examples are – V1 Token to v2 Token.
Token Bridge platform
Token Bridge software can enable Multi Chain/ Cross chain capabilities to the project which ensures to provide more flexibility to users for trading on the blockchain platform.
NFT Marketplace
You can begin your decentralized NFT Marketplace platform which allows users to create, manage and sell their NFTs.
DeFi lending software
Being a blockchain technology company, we mainly specialize in DeFi lending software development with the help of latest networks.
Crypto Wallet Software
Our blockchain app development services consist of airtight wallet solution for transacting and storing your cryptocurrencies.
OTC Exchange software
You can make an OTC Exchange where users may purchase and trade several tokens without worrying about rug pulls and liquidity.
Crowdfunding software
You can fund your favorite causes, projects or make an easy-to-use platform where the users can raise funds with the help of our crypto-enabled crowdfunding software.
Crypto Penny Auction software
We enable you to produce comprehensive passive income by means of penny auction software platform which is crypto-enabled.

We mainly work on these Blockchain development platforms

We work with all blockchain and smart contract platforms together with the development of customised blockchain solutions.

This is a private and permissioned enterprise blockchain solution for your businesses needs.
These are smart contract-based decentralized applications (dApps) that are highly-compatible.
They are cross-border payment solutions with the help of Stellar blockchain.
These are scalable and highly reliable payment solutions by means of Ripple.
Matic Polygon
They are an easy Ethereum based Layer 2 Blockchain solutions development.
We try to create as well as deploy blockchain applications that have increased speed for transaction.
This is said to be the best smart contract solution and hybrid decentralized application.
Hedra Hashgraph
These are secure, quick and fair decentralized applications on the public network.
These are easy tokenization and decentralized app creation through Tezos.
This is a public blockchain solution that can enhance transparency, efficiency and security.
Hashgraph promises all the benefits of Blockchain together with greater transaction speed.
We promise to render all benefits of Blockchain with higher transaction speed.
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Some benefits of Blockchain Development Solutions

By building applications on Blockchain, you will enjoy several benefits for your business.

Our Working Procedure for Blockchain Development

Blockchain Consulting
Our experts perform detailed consultation sessions so that they can understand your requirements in a better way.
Blockchain Architecture design
We try to design and plan blockchain architecture systematically.
Enterprise Blockchain Development
We carry out extensive development and quality analysis for a certain period of time.
Deployment and maintenance
Deployment and maintenance

Our Blockchain Development Solutions for Different Industries

The silver-lining of Blockchain is it is not at all restricted to cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. A mild touch is what it needs to incorporate in different industries.
Blockchain development solutions for different industries

Why PayoneCloud?

Expertise in Blockchain

We work with a team who architects effective solutions for all blockchain platforms and cryptosystems such as Hyperledger, Ethereum and Bitcoin. If you want to create a complete blockchain infrastructure or any separate elements such as nodes, blockchain core or ecosystem apps, then we are always there at your service.

Quality Control

Our team joins with project team at the evaluation stage for forming QA strategy, test each applied feature, and run a Program for lessening the number of malfunctions. This can provide most effective solution for fulfilling your requirements.

Expertise in Cryptography

Having hands-on experience in the data protection, we can help clients with an extensive spectrum of safe cryptographic solutions. Some of these are – digital signature, encryption and hashing algorithms (AES, ECC, TLS, Diffie-Hellmann, MD5, SSL, RSA, DES, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3 etc.).


A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that remains on different computers at the same time. It is a chain of blocks that include records of information with unique hash value that can make tampering with data almost impossible. The development of platforms or applications with blockchain technology can be defined as the blockchain development. It will bring trust and transparency to business ecosystems with the capability of storing immutable data. We are a blockchain development company who offer blockchain development services right from making a PoC to setting up a decentralized application, deploying it on the cloud or on-premise and maintaining it after the development stage.

The blockchain technology has shifted from geek tech phase to normal acceptance. Starting from healthcare to banking sector, digital identity, insurance and supply chain, the innumerable blockchain business applications are now changing the way in which data will be accessed and stored.

Some Blockchain Business Applications are the following:

  • Digital Identity
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Government Operations
  • Waste Management

So, if the blockchain project involves healthcare, banking, media, entertainment, digital identity or other use case, we are always there as your partner for blockchain technology to experience the true potentiality of blockchain in your business.

As businesses have begun to accept the potential of blockchain by developing business application for blockchain, the demand for blockchain development platform is now skyrocketing.

We know that there are different blockchain platforms available in the market and so, we invest our valuable time into the right kind of platforms that ensure to provide security and scalability to blockchain apps.

Being a trustworthy blockchain development company, our blockchain developers have great expertise in working on these blockchain development platforms:

  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Stellar
  • Hedera ashgraph
  • Corda
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Tron
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger Indy

These platforms have been chosen for blockchain development according to the factors mentioned below:

  • Smart Contracts functionality
  • Development Status of the Platform
  • Popularity of Platform
  • Kind of Blockchain Permission
  • Languages supported by the Platform

As blockchain development is still new for many startups and businesses, it might be a big challenge for you to select the right custom blockchain development firm. Every custom blockchain development firm cannot work in the way you want them and so, it is important to perform due-diligence at the time of hiring company for your project.

Here are the lists of questions you need to ask a blockchain software development company when hiring them.

  • How many years of experience the company holds in the market?
  • What is the exact size of your team?
  • What specific industries has the company already worked with?
  • What blockchain platforms will the company work on?
  • Does the company offer the services of end-to-end blockchain software development?
  • What is the exact price model for a company?
  • What technology stacks can be used by a company for blockchain development?
  • How many blockchain projects has the company delivered?

The right blockchain software development services company should answer all the questions properly. Make sure you consider these scenario at the time of hiring a reliable blockchain company.

Anything that has been written to the smart contracts or blockchain cannot be changed or deleted. So, we try to follow the right kind of strategy at the time of implementing blockchain technology.

Our team of professionals has made the right approach to building blockchain applications and we follow a step-by-step blockchain development procedure with the agile methodology.

Below are some stages for developing blockchain application in the sequential order:

  • Choose the right Blockchain platform
  • Blockchain Ideation for detecting other technology stacks for the application
  • Blockchain Application development
  • Developing PoC or Prototype
  • Ideation
  • Technical and visual designs
  • Maintenance and Upgradation

Yes, you can hire blockchain development team as per your needs and preferences. We try to share resumes of our blockchain developers for blockchain development team. After this, you may choose the one that fulfills your requirements and the team of developers will work dedicatedly on your project.