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17 Top Website Ideas for Newbies: Creative Topics and Content

17 Top Website Ideas for Newbies: Creative Topics and Content

Setting up a business could be tricky for many reasons. People have a notion that supervising a workforce and handling the financial records are the most difficult task for entrepreneurs. However, the biggest challenge is creating a website ideas for their business.

Creating a website ideas is a daunting for many company owners. However, there is no need to learn how to do coding to create and run the website. There are many steps to it and topics to learn. So today in this blog, let us learn about different types of websites. How to create them being an entrepreneur, come up with creative ideas and make it easy to learn as well. You can also check and research more about web design in New York, for more ideas.

Ideas for Websites

There are different types of website ideas. Every kind has its own structural and architectural requirements, as well as its own distinct purpose. Here are a few examples:

1. E-Commerce Websites Ideas

An e-commerce site is any website that sells items online. It might be a freestanding shop or a store that is only a minor component of the overall operation. A good example is the Google store selling Google logo imprinted coffee mugs and T-shirts.

A typical e-commerce website ideas has a homepage, product pages, checkout pages and category pages. This also offers several promotional sites, a customer service website for customer queries and a referral/loyalty program.

2. Online Courses

There are several businesses which conduct online courses. This is an excellent approach to capitalize upon your knowledge and skill in a certain issue and develop an interested community around this.

There are freestanding course websites created and hosted on platforms like Teachable, Podia, and Thinkific. Moreover, course designers can also post and display their courses on platforms such as Udemy or Coursera.

3. Blogs

Blogs are a powerful instrument for businesses to improve awareness of the brand. It also engages users via content marketing, shares the brand’s narrative, and increases the revenue via affiliate marketing. Blogs are becoming the most prominent thing on the internet. Moreover, several people like to read them. WordPress and Medium are the two most popular blogging systems, and numerous companies are developed and managed upon them.

4. Service Websites Ideas

Any website that sells services falls under this bracket. A tattoo artist or massage therapist in your neighborhood. A service website has a homepage, a page to advertise its services, and a mechanism to schedule an appointment and do the checkout.

5. Trends and News

Another excellent business model is online news publications. Several websites provide news articles on numerous topics to their readers. Many news websites feature online stores as well. There they sell website memberships and also many items about which they publish blogs.

6. Review Websites

Online reviews are quickly becoming a valuable e-commerce technique. As per research, 93 % of buyers use internet feedback to decide to buy a product or service. Product reviews are also used on every commodity and topic page on e-commerce platforms. Reviews on the Amazon site are the best example of that.

7. Personal Portfolio or Curriculum Vitae

Many freelancers and consultants establish their portfolios or CV websites. All those websites feature their work and initiatives, as well as a simple contact form. They are designed to highlight their individuality, engage potential consumers, or advertise a newsletter.

8. Event websites

Event websites showcase numerous events, including online and offline, and frequently sell passes or tickets for these events.

Topics of the website

Another method for selecting the ideal for a website to design is to emphasize on certain distinct website content categories that you want to address. You can select the website themes according to these questions.

  • Will your website be heavily filled with Content?
  • Will your website sell services or commodities?
  • Aim of your website
  • Which are your most acquainted sectors?

We are sure that evaluation of these questions will give you a clear website idea that how should you create your website. You can learn more from experts in website design in NYC as well.

Few Website ideas for the Newbies

1. Personal Blogging

Personal blogs have become a quite famous thing nowadays. Many inspired writers like to create blogs on their favorite topics or their specialized fields. So you can choose a topic for your blog by doing some keyword research.

2. Begin an Online Program or Course

Creating an online course or program is another efficient technique to advertise yourself. Nowadays making video content is very economical and easy. You can easily start with some adequate lighting, a camera (preferably with a laptop), and a teleprompter.

3. Selling hand crafted goods

Selling handcrafted goods online is not an easy job. It takes time to get buyers to know your products. However, you can begin with a simple website for your products. Provide a brief description of your various products and how you make them. Many buyers are interested in knowing how you have turned your hobby into art. You can promote and sell other people’s products as well.

4. Drop-shipping website

Drop-shipping is a common method of selling things online. This comprises putting your items on a website and getting the manufacturer distributes the goods straight to the customers.

5. Travel destinations and Local Events

You can develop a website to provide recommendations on the finest local vacation sites and tourism attractions. Moreover, you can also organize local tours and gatherings.

6. Website for Interviews

An amazing idea for those who love to interact with amazing individuals and hear their fantastic stories. The aim is to create a platform to conduct interviews with specialists or influencers in any industry and promote them. You can monetize the site by charging a subscription fee towards the content of the interview or by marketing and selling sponsorships.

7. DIY Supplies and Instruction Manuals

DIY is a thriving industry. People love buying handcrafted things, but they prefer developing their own goods as well. You can offer product kits or product guides that teach how to acquire resources and create their own kinds of stuff.

8. Website for Book reviews

This type of website can become quite famous among avid readers. Book review blog posts have done rather well. There are several new subgenres and special interest subjects to choose from. So, select a speciality to attract a certain group of readers and you will be successful quickly.

9. Webpage for Local History 

This type of news website gives intriguing historical information and local stories about a certain region. This is ideal for people who adore their hometown and also have a strong connection to its history. You can incorporate several website aspects into this one.  These include evaluation of sites, details about local businesses, local tours, etc.

Some ideas for designing a Website

For beginners, creating a website could be daunting. Most individuals have no clue where to begin. Maybe they want to start with a simple website builder. But later on, they discover that it lacks all the necessary capabilities as per their requirement. So evaluate these few things before deciding on a platform for a website. You can also learn more about web design in NYC from our experts.

  • Costing: Monthly budget for your website.
  • Knowledge: what is your level of ideas about website designing and website creation platforms?
  • Objectives: what are your objectives for your website? Are you creating an online store? Is it a blog? Or it will be a review website?
  • Seamless Integration: Does your selected platform have all of the integrations as per your requirement? These include email marketing tools, content sharing, shopping carts and integrations with payment gateways.
  • Let us not forget SEO: Assess the site’s technological configuration. Is your platform equipped with all the technical components of SEO? Will search engines identify and quickly index your website? Will the search engines rank it in important search results as well?

Conclusion on Website Ideas

So, once you evaluate these queries, you can easily create a website with some research. You can also take help from professionals as well. These basic questions give a detailed idea about presenting your business or idea online. So, once you finalize the best option, you can research and build a website based on that information. However, professional help always gives a better output. So don’t hesitate to reach us. We are one of the prominent web design agencies in New York. We always strive to give you the best output based on your business needs. Even if you are opting for blogging, we will make sure that your site gets the desired search rankings.

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