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Beginners Guide for Creating a WordPress Blog in 2022

Beginners Guide for Creating a WordPress Blog in 2022

Are you planning to start a blog? It can be a little intimidating to start a blog without any experience. But one can easily start a blog in WordPress. It is an easy platform, to begin with.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the step-by-step guide for creating a blog in WordPress. We are a WordPress blog development company New York and we create blogs in WordPress for our clients.

Steps to create a WordPress blog

Step 1: Choose a platform and blog name

Most newbies land up selecting the inappropriate platform for blogging. So, you can avoid this mistake and start with WordPress. Moreover, almost 95% of people use the self-hosted WordPress, called

WordPress is free and is an open-source platform. One can easily make money from their WordPress blog. They can customize the design of the blog and install plugins as well. One has to set and host the website themselves.

So choose a web hosting and domain name for your website. The domain name is the name with which users search for your website. Moreover, you can use Bluehost for the Webhosting of your website.

Step 2: Install WordPress

The next step is to install WordPress and start your blogging. You can log in to the Bluehost account and select the Login button of WordPress and then install it. Another way of login into WordPress is by visiting from the browser.

However, to save the trouble for the newbies, many web hosting companies install WordPress automatically. Once you have installed WordPress, you can customize the themes, develop the pages and start blogging.

Step 3: Select the theme

This is the most exciting part of building a blog in WordPress. One can select the theme for their blog. You can select proper themes from thousands of WordPress themes for your website. One can choose from free themes or paid ones.

Go to Appearance >> Themes and select your theme. Experts recommend selecting a simply designed theme for your WordPress website. It gives a good user experience and provides a clutter-free appearance to your website.

Step 4: Write Your First Blog Post

After selecting the theme for your website, now the next step is to start writing a blog. For that, go to Posts >> Add New menu from the dashboard of WordPress. You can start writing your first blog in the editor area. WordPress has a block-based editor that helps in building beautiful layouts for the blog post content.

After writing the blog, select the Publish button and publish your blog for users to read them.

Step 5: Customizations and Plugins

After writing the blog, add other components of the page like an email list, sliders, galleries, contact page, etc. You can add these extra features by using plugins on your webpage. Moreover, there is no need for any coding. One can directly use WordPress plugins to include extra features on the site.

One can add any desirable feature to their website by choosing among 59,000 WordPress plugins, in the directory.

Let us see, how we can use the WordPress plugin to add some important features:

Making a Contact Form in WordPress

All websites require a contact form so that users can reach out to you. But, there is no in-built contact form in WordPress. Hence, one has to use the WordPress form builder plugin, to include a contact form on the site.

One can start with WPForms Lite plugin which is free of cost to use. Then go to Plugins » Add New and install the plugin. Then press the Install button and then Activate button. After activating it, develop the first form by going to WPForms >> Add New page.

After editing the form, save it and come out of the form builder. To create more pages, just go to the edit screen and type WPForms block in the editor. Then you can create a new webpage by going into Pages >> Add New and naming it as Contact.

Then save the page and publish it. You can now see a contact form on your website.

Setting Up Tracking in Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to monitor the number of individuals reading your blog, their actions on your website, and where they are coming from?

In WordPress, one can use the free-of-cost and best Google Analytics plugin. You can easily add and activate MonsterInsights plugin on your website. Then go to Insights » Settings and customize it. Then go to Settings and select ‘Connect MonsterInsights’ button and link Google Analytics to the website.

Now continue with on-screen guidelines and complete the entire process setup. After installing the plugin, you will start getting website analytics data, under MonsterInsights button directly from your WordPress site.

Optimizing your WordPress site for SEO

Many newbies have no idea about optimizing their WordPress site for SEO. But they can install the All in One SEO plugin, for optimizing SEO on their page. This will help them gain more traffic to their website and get a good website rank.

This WordPress SEO plugin is easy to use and newbies can master it quickly. Moreover, one can use a keyword research tool to optimize the content of their blog. This will further assist you to acquire innovative ideas for your content, usually searched by individuals.

Some other WordPress plugins include email marketing, traffic, and subscribers, customizing and design, and performance, for security and backup.

Step 6: Earning money from the blogs of your website

There are numerous ways of monetizing your blog posts. If you keep striving to create good blogs, you will surely earn its benefits. Many start with Google AdSense, by showing Google ads on their site. They can earn money through it. The other two options are creating an online store and doing affiliate marketing.

Step 7: Becoming an expert WordPress user

By continuously using and learning while making your WordPress website, you can become an expert user over time. Creating a blog is not a one-time job. You must tweak it from time to time. And, this will help you understand the functionality of WordPress well.


WordPress can help you start with your first blog by yourself. Over time, with changing requirements, you can take further professional help to modify your site. At PayOneCloud Technologies, we help in creating WordPress websites for our clients. You can know more about us by searching for WordPress development NYC, online. Contact us to know more.

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