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Custom Software

Custom Software Development Services

Custom software development is about creating, designing, deploying and maintaining software for specific set of functions, users or organizations. Other than commercial off-the-shelf software or COTS, it aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements. We also target a wide set of requirements by allowing it to pack, market and distribute into the commercial market.

Different kinds of custom software we deliver

Interorganizational and Corporate Software System

We try to build software that can automate enterprise-based processes and covers interdepartmental information flows. This might consist of transactions with partners, vendors and customers.

Examples: POS, ERP, EAM, operations management software, HRM/HCM, MES, SCM claims processing software.

Departmental Software

We build software with the features that do not satisfy mass-market free or commercial software. This will cover up the needs of specific department within your organization.

Examples: PACS, CRM, financial management software, RIS, inventory management.

Software for Specific Business Function

We build software that covers industry-related functions of your business. It does not need to be complicated customization and time-consuming as with software products available in the market.

Examples: clinical decision support app, invoicing and billing software, specialized accounting/treasury management software, price management software.

Customer Self-service Apps

We develop different applications that help organization to deliver tailored customer experience for winning competition of the market.

Examples: shopping apps, mobile banking apps, patient portals.

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Importance of custom software development

By building applications on Blockchain, you will enjoy several benefits for your business.

Benefits of custom software

Complete ownership
Our customers own their software and so, you do not have to pay for subscription or royalty fees. You will have complete control when you want to add more users or another feature.
Full flexibility
Having a customised solution, you may do whatever you want and whenever you want with the product. This ensures the software can change as well as grow with your business.
Competitive benefits
Custom software can boost overall performance of your company and become a valuable IP asset with two competitive benefits.
Technology independent
We are a technology-based custom software development company and we do not promote or sell specific technologies. We are fully focused on our customers and select the right stack for your business requirements and objectives.

What we provide to our esteemed customers

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Software Consulting

Our experts will evaluate your exact needs and produce possible custom software solutions. They will also give advice on architecture design and technologies as well as provide rough estimation of the overall costs and time.

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End-to-end Software Development

We support you during the full software development cycle starting from the analysis of initial requirements and engineering to implementation and adoption of new software solution.

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Legacy Software Modernization

We re-architect or re-code legacy solutions having architectural patterns and modern technologies for more efficiency. After this, we transfer them to cloud for extending their functionality, reach and much more.

What Industry Are You From?

We develop mobile, web, desktop, Saas, cloud, industry-specific web, cloud, AR/VR, IoT applications for ~ 30 industries. You may click on the icons for redirecting to our dedicated offerings.

Healthcare Healthcare
Banking Banking
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Retail Retail
Oil and Gas Oil and Gas
Telecommunication Telecommunication
Logistics and Transportation Logistics and Transportation
Insurance Insurance
Professional Services Professional Services
Marketing and Advertising Marketing and Advertising
Public Services Public Services

Why Develop with Pay One Cloud Technologies

Cost of Custom Software Development

The cost of custom software development depends on the complexity of your project with several factors such as:

We will be more than happy to give you an estimation of overall costs for your project.

Our custom software development process

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Our experts will be evaluating your exact requirements and give estimation on the scope of work and timeline. We also set up cross-functional team involving designers to conduct profound market and user research for providing the most effective solution to customers.
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Our team of engineers manage each development stage within the scope from architecture development to UI/UX designing and changing your product vision into a custom solution. All custom software development stages pass thorough testing and quality control.
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After the final release, we take proper care of the performance and productivity of custom software development solutions. We also establish server monitoring constantly, render support services, and assign experts for fixing the bugs.
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When you want to improve your solution, we can scale down our software development team to a support unit for fulfilling your requirements on time. We try to focus in delivering the most recent updates and responding to user as well as market feedback.


Custom software development is about creating tailor-made software for addressing specific requirements of user or business.

By investing in custom software positions to achieve greater success, you will be able to improve operational efficiency, profitability, affordability and independence for using as well as maintaining the software needs in future.

Like commercial off-the-shelf software or open and free source software made for mass market, custom software can accommodate specific preferences and expectations of customers.

Customized software will enable to save on the expenditure for IT with subscription-based pricing and lessen maintenance costs. Custom application development improves your operational efficiency, saves training and labor costs, and gives you the ability to scale with market requirements.

A property management application/portal that enables brokers/field agents to manage between buyers and sellers is an example of customized software in the real estate sector.

Another example of customized software in healthcare sector will be Appointment Management System so that the hospitals or clinics can keep a track of the appointments of patients.

With custom business software solution, you can enhance the efficiency by means of process automation. Through automation, the key resources will focus on crucial activities in a better way that adds value to your business.

Custom software may scale with your business needs to adjust with new changes. When you have to subscribe to packaged applications or additional licenses, it will hurt your estimated budget on IT. So, custom software is the ultimate need as it provides the benefit with less integration costs. Custom software development can either consolidate or replace the present solutions by attaining greater productivity and improving your competitive edge.

Custom software enables to create a system around the present processes. It will make your business stay update, eliminate dull manual as well as paper-based processes and lessen the risk of human errors.
Custom solutions will accelerate deployment and user adoption as it won’t require extensive technical knowledge to use and manage a custom application.

It is quite difficult to give estimation on development cost of custom software as each software will be customised and unique. There aren’t any two custom-built applications of the same category. So, sharing an approximation of the costs without understanding specific requirements of project is tricky.

Several aspects are there that might lead to the costs of custom software development including the size of software, design specifications, the complexity of software, migration of existing data, integration with other systems, usage patterns and much more.

Your business needs custom software:

  • if you need to re-enter same data into different applications,
  • if you have to accelerate your speed of response to the queries of customers,
  • if you want to send notifications to clients automatically on a daily basis,
  • if you need to conduct tedious calculations on a periodic basis for getting updated information about your business activities,
  • if you want to automate huge business processes for improving overall efficiency.

There are certain cases when it is possible to do so. The software architects provide guidance by evaluating specific needs, supportability of older app, scalability and offer the most appropriate recommendations. By integrating with the present application to newer application, you can depend upon the level of access that we have to fundamental functions of older applications. It will also be the same when Application Programming Interface or API is available by the app.

Several factors will weigh this decision comprising of existing platforms, scalability, data types, present infrastructure of client and so on. Primarily, the decision depends on specific needs of business and set of features from the application.

For example, Microsoft .NET is a highly versatile framework for almost every solution, while certain demands can be executed in a better way with PHP/MySQL stack or similar technology. Our team is well-versed in almost all kinds of development technologies that are available for the latest technology to deliver the most appropriate solution.

The first step is to evaluate the requirements of business and plan for the objectives of custom software. We design custom software solution as per the analysis results and interaction with clients. When you approve the wireframes and changes are agreed upon mutually, we build custom software together with customer-approved milestones. We test beta version in working environment and roll out implementation post user acceptance testing. We will also ensure that the final custom software is delivered will all important documentation and training as needed.

Yes, we can help you with technical support and service to software apps we have already developed. We will further develop your software product when you want to implement new features or integrate with third-party services.

Our prices start from $xx to $xx for each hour depending on the role. You may download our pricing guide from here for getting an idea of investment range for your project. It includes overall estimation according to the size and scope of project with a list of set-priced initial engagements.