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Google Business listing

Add Your Businesses to Google My Business

Being the starting point, Google search is the key for humongous searches take place every day. Google My Businesslisting becomes the huge clicks and footfall driver for the businesses with physical location, for instance- a restaurant, an outlet, an apparel store and lots more.

Google My Business is a pivotal factor for any Local SEO campaign as it is necessary for the Local Pack Ranks (also known as Map Pack result). This benefits the crawlers to collect important information like work instances, office, FAQs, customer reviews, contact details are name to a few! 

By getting your business listed inGoogle Maps, you convince the customers to visit your address by providing some additional information. This instills trust and they more like to become your regular customers. Do you want to add listing to Google Maps?  

Follow the steps to create Google Maps listing through us

What’s Google My Business?

Google My Business is the online platform which you can access for free to manage the appearance of your business in Google Maps.

You don’t need to have a business website to list on Google Maps. It will assist in acquiring more visibility to your business through local search results of Google. As a result you can notice an increase in the number of sales. As a result, Google Map Listing SEO becomes easy and convenient.

Steps to set up your Google My Business

Here we are going to guide you through our step-by-step process for Google My Business. Have a look at them.


Sign in with Your Google login details

Visit on to and click on Sign in. Google login details (which you have for Google mail, Google appsand drive) can also be used.


Ensure whether the business has been listed already

Then you should click on Manage Now to edit business name. If it appears then you have the name already listed which allows you to claim. Otherwise, add the name of your business and click on any option given with the name.


Confirm the business name

Check whether the name appears with correct spelling or not! It must appear similar to the name you have on its website.


Categories of Google My Business

Now, you have to select the right category of the Google My Business. It will be the primary category for which you business will sit perfectly. Once the account is ready you can edit to add multiple subcategories.


Include the business services

Include the services which your business provides. Google suggests some services for you to choose from. But you can easily add any custom services.


Add location to your Google My Business

Provide the physical location (aka address) of the business where consumers can visit physically. This is really important otherwise; your location will not appear in Google Maps.


Mention the address of your business

Now mention the exact correct address of your business as it is there on the website. Also maintain the similar format you have used so far for referencing the business on other platforms online. It ensures consistency eliminating further confusion.


Add the locations where you facilitate your business

Specify the locations where you facilitate your services at country, state or city level.


Specify the business contact information

Enter Google My Business contact details like phone number and email ID alongside website address (URL).


Manage and finish the Google My Business Listing

At last, click on Finish to save the listing.

Google My Business Dashboard

After finishing the listing, you can access the dashboard of Google Maps Business listing! From here you can upgrade other important details of your business including images/photos, business details, opening hours, descriptions and more.

Dashboard of google maps business listing
Add information on google my business listing

How to add information on your Google My Business Listing

After successful creation you will land on the Google My Business dashboard. It comprises of the following menus:

Moreover, you can find some additional menus like create an ad; add new business, businesses and links to ad, settings and support.

What can you do at Home page?

At Home page you can find 3 sub-menus- ‘create post’, ‘add photos’ and ‘create ad’! So you can make any new post to share, add photos of your business, store and office and make ad post respectively. Additionally, you can check performance of the business such as activity, view and searches. Also customer photos which they upload can be viewed and managed from Home page. You can finish up the setting of your business profile and add Logos as well. 

What can you do with Post menu?

With the help of Post menu, you can create and share posts on amazing offers and discounts. You can share something unique about your services which can make your stand out from the crowd. Post is further sub-categorized in Offers, What’s new and Events. By selecting on them you can view the post as per the shared posts on discounts, new-posts and upcoming events respectively.

What is the purpose of Info?

In Info, you can add ‘services’ your business offers or the ‘products’ you have for the customers. You can include ‘appointment links’, ‘contact number’, ‘amenities’, ‘opening hours’ and ‘photos’. You can add ‘store code’ and labels in the advanced information (if any).

Using this tab you can add primary and additional categories. Address, service areas and hour of operation are editable from this tab only. Profiles, products and services can be controlled from this tab too. You can share an introduction of the business in this tab!

What is the need of Insight tab?

Insight is all about graphical illustration of the performance of the customer searches for your businesses. In fact it provides various graphical representations for the ways of searches done by the customers. You can look for quarterly results for photo views, direction requests, visit durations and total calls.

What is the need of Reviews tab?

With this tab, you can reply to both positive and negative reviews and feedbacks shared by the customers. 

How can you use the Messages tab?

You can interact directly with the customers using this tab!

What can you see in Photos tab?

In this particular tab you can add images and videos for respective categories such as interior, before and after (if applicable), logo and videos. You can see the images shared by the owner and customers. Also 360-view and external photo categories are available. Other categories comprise of identity, team and at work respectively. Identity will need logo and cover photo of the business for the identification.

What is the need of Product page?

In Product page you can add the products you have and their price.  

What can you do with Services tab?

Add custom services to the business from the tab. You can include some service categories as well.

What you can do with Website menu?

In Website menu, you can find 5 sub-menus- businesses, reviews, verifications, link to ads, settings and support.

Why User tab is there?

In User tab, you can see the managers and owners of the business.

Businesses option will show you verified businesses listed on Google My Business.

You can reply to the experiences shared by your users from the Reviews option.

With Link to Ads you can manage link requests from other Google products using Merchant Center or AdWords.

Setting is useful for managing email notifications. From the option you can have your control on feedbacks, reminders, posts, insights, business profile health and preferred email. Also you can monitor customer message and reviews, questions and answers, bookings and important updates.

From here, you are allowed to add customization to the business profiles. It includes images, text editing and themes.

Verify your Google My Business account

To manage the Google My Business account you should verify it by entering the code sent to the address through post.

End result

Once you have finished all the procedure, a confirmation email will be sent to you. The customers will find your business easily through Google.