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Web Design

Web Design Company in Jericho, New York

 PayOneCloud Technologies is creating attractive website designs for the small and medium size businesses that can grab attention of customers online in the NYC. Our designers’ follow all the latest standards involved in creating website are – user experience, search engine optimization, technical details and ease of use to perform well in today’s competitive world.

We are among the leading web design company in NYC. Our designers offer eye-catching web design services with comforting colors, great visuals, user-friendly layout and pleasant user experience that will improve the stay of visitors on your site while encouraging them to revisit again.

Our web designing and development team provides effective services to ease the growth of your business. These consist of – eCommerce solutions and WordPress websites focused on responsive design, usability and creative branding solutions. All these can inject personality into your business and custom programming for the ideas that you require bringing to fruition.

Whether you are looking for WordPress website improve online presence of your business or want complex eCommerce site, our web development team can bring your vision to life.

Why to invest in professional website design in NYC?

Your website is the first interaction that consumers will have with your business in today’s world. Nearly 95% of the first impression of users is related to web designing which leaves great impact about your company.

Hence, more companies are re-evaluating their website design and partnering together with Pay One Cloud Technologies. This is a web design agency driving not less than $2.4 billion in terms of revenue for clients.

Invest in professional website design in NYC
Specific benefits of new web design in new york

Know more about specific benefits of new web design in New York:

Custom Web Designing in Jericho, New York

Our website design company in USA provides remarkable visual design with attractive typography by keeping in mind the target audience. This makes quality designing strike through the right chords.
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Landing Page Designing Services

Our creative design services make an effort to offer the top landing pages for your website. We follow the right practices of industry and trends in designing the landing pages.

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Web Application Interface Design

We provide web design and development services and offer great app interface design with the perfect font. This can help to define goods and services of your business in the most suitable way.

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Responsive Website Design Services

We know about mobile-first world and our designers feature websites over desktops, tablets and smartphones like with responsive website design.

Custom logo design company PayOneCloud

Logo Web Designing Services

Our designers can make the logo for your business that builds recognition of the brand and great familiarity for businesses. Our logos will make the audience think of your product as soon as they see it.

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Mobile Application UI/UX Design

Our web designers offer the most appealing and eye-catching UI/UX designs with the latest web design trends. This depends on specific needs of your business within the time frame.

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Reasons to hire our Web Design Company in New York

Our NYC Based Agency Web Designing Procedure

Phase One: Discovery

A part of our on-boarding procedure comprises of completing a discovery questionnaire and asking several questions about your business or organization. This will inform us about the websites you love, sites you had visited and much more. After this, we will schedule a kick off call so that we can discuss about everything you have submitted.

Phase Two: Designing

By going through your information, during our on-boarding process, our designs will try to make custom designing for you. We will guide you with the right color, typography and device responsiveness along with complete initial concept of home page for your input and review. This is actually a collaboration and we would like to hear what you think and share your feedback with us during the process.

Phase Three: Content

A website is not at all complete until each web page has content. So, you should work hard during 1-3 phases to make the content ready for phase 4. Your customers have visited the website for some specific reason and so, you want to be sure that you have answered all their questions.
We will take your content and lay it out on each webpage so that it is easy to read and seems to be great.

Phase Four: Launch!

This means you have tested, approved, and are ready to make the website live. We will carry out all kinds of technical work in this process and load it onto your server after making it live and debugging, if necessary.

Phase Five: Complete training and Support

We try to schedule a training call so that we can walk you through how to manage your site and answer all your queries. We discuss support options with you as your website will require proper care to succeed.

Our New York based Website Designing Services Are SEO-Supported


Website Architecture

With us, it is possible to receive easy interface, user-friendly as well as professional page structure helping the users to find easily what they are searching.


Modern Coding

Our web designing and development team prefers updated and advanced coding practices using CSS3 and HTML5.


Optimized Speed

Satisfied customers rapid loading. All our websites are meant to load within a blink to make it highly customer-responsive.



All of our developed websites are compatible across all mobile devices be it Android or iOS. The websites will access fully and function seamlessly on all mobile devices. 

Ready to get started?

Don’t be afraid! We’ll walk you through the entire process, hold your hand as much as you need, and help you through all the technical aspects that may seem scary. We work best with clients who leave the heavy lifting to us.

Website Design FAQ’s

Yes you do after completing the website when you have complete control over it. We have a team that can maintain as well update the website for your business.

It requires somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks to complete standard or premium website. This depends on how quickly we receive feedback and how complicated the website is.

Yes, you will have several opportunities to see as well as share feedback on your website when built. This is a collaborative procedure when partnering with you to create your website.

Yes, you can add the existing content images as well as assets on your new website. There are certain restrictions to it and all the content must be your own. You can give us a call anytime with any specific questions that you might have.

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS that acts essentially in the form creation tool and platform for website. It can be used widely all over the Internet for websites made simple or robust with or without code. We use WordPress as it is a tested platform with different resources available for business owners to meet their specific requirements.

Responsive designing is becoming the norm in today’s world. The web design scales to display on several devices, despite their size or screen. This means your content on the website is clear and optimized for user experience whatever device user chooses for seeing the website. It is a great way to make websites appear great on desktops and mobile devices without requiring a separate mobile website.

It is web design that is responsible for search engine optimization or SEO strategies. A designer needs to create site by keeping SEO in mind so that the marketer can optimize your site. This way, the website can increased traffic and rank well on search engine result pages. Google will then crawl as well as index all websites and those which are optimized for search will attain higher domain authority and better ranking.